Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GameBlog - Tomb of the Iron God, continued

I'm sorry for the belated gameblog update. Time got away from me this week.


When I last left off, our brave adventurers were hiking east toward the mountains, unsuspecting of what awaited them. Turleus, who chose to scout a bit ahead of the group, is the first to be attacked by the wolves. One sprang upon him, and four others charged the rest of the group. Fortunately for Turleus, he was able to fend off his attacker for a short while.

Oghram and Ibhram each shoot, both hitting their targets. Meanwhile Drake and Dukkor move to protect Ameryxes, Bart and Valley. Dukkor with one swing was able to finish off the wolf wounded by Oghram. Bart also took a swing, but missed. Both he and Drake were bitten badly in the initial attack.

Amaryxes stepped up with his staff and landed a wallup on the head of the wolf that was trying to eat poor Big Bart. Valley swung his axe at the fourth wolf and sent it into a yelping fit.

Turleus then somehow managed to kick dirt up in the face of the wolf that was attacking him, giving him a chance to throw an axe at the vicious animal. His axe connected, and then Ibhram and Oghram were able to rush in with swords and finish off the wounded wolf.

Meanwhile, Drake and Dukkor continued trying to protect the magic users. Neither have much luck in wounding the beasts, and Dukkor got bitten a second time. Ironically, it was Valley's axe and Big Bart's club that came to the aide of Drake. The angry wolf that had been tormenting Drake then took a bite out of Valley.

Turleus and Amaryxes both tried using their darts on the remaining wolves with some success. Meanwhile, Dukkor killed another wolf as Bart was trying unsuccessfully to nail it with his club.

As all that was happening, Valley the elf went into a berserker rage, bearing teeth at the wolf in front of him, but swinging wild with his axe and missing completely. Luckily Drake stepped in and lopped the wolf's head off.

Who's afraid of the Big-Bads? Nope. Not those guys!

But Ibhram gave them something else to worry about as he and Oghram did a bit of first-aid on the wounded comrades. Rabies? Or maybe becoming a werewolf? Or maybe an elf?

Turleus didn't seem too worried though. He went right to skinning him some wolves. Oh how wonderful the camp will be smelling later on!

So our party is pausing for the night, setting up camp amidst a small stand of trees, and they might just be having fish for dinner. There is a stream nearby, and Drake, Valley and Oghram head off to see what they can catch. Dukkor and Big Bart seem more inclined to kick back beside the fire ...err... guard the camp, that is.

Actually, it seems as if Big Bart is watching the backs of his own eyelids rather than guarding anything.


And that's where we are. Tune in soon to find out who gets to clean the catch-o'-the-day, what else might be lurking in those woods, and how to tell that you are becoming a were-elf.

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