Thursday, January 29, 2009

GameBlog - Tomb of the Iron God

When we last left off, the group had made camp in a small patch of trees near a stream. As it turned out, the fishing was quite good that evening. Eight in all,..and I'm sure they were all hungry after the day's encounter with wolves.

It would seem that the mosquitoes were hungry too, and have a preference for sleeping elves.

As Day 2 began, Big Bart prayed for his spells. Meanwhile Turleus collected up his wolf pelts and took up his bow to scout ahead as the group began the trail up into the rocky hills. Luckily the day's travel was completely uneventful.

And yes.. we can has map!

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Actually my map does not do the view justice. The actual mountains look considerably less dorky, but y'all bear with me. I'm still a cartography-nOObie.

So, after a lousy night's sleep at the first camp, Drake sought out a less rocky place to lay his head and commenced to enjoying his pipe. Turleus set up the wolf pelts to dry some more overnight, and Dukkor took first watch.

And again, the night passed without event.

(The DM seems to have misplaced his stable of random wandering outdoor adventure creatures and things-that-go-bump-in-the-night and kill poor 1st level elf girls and their hirelings)

But the good news is that everybody healed a point of damage for getting a good night's rest...and Ibhram's map showed the cave can be reached by day's end...and this is good..because had begun to rain.

Turleus loaded up his pelts and got ready to set out with bow and pole again. Meanwhile Amarixes wisely suggested that the group decide how best to approach the kobold lair. Gwynned the Mage, it would appear, prefers to execute the plans before they can be laid, hatched and grow up to become strategies.

(And it seems somebody hit the [FF>>] button and suddenly, there's the cave.

And Gwynned has just found some little paw prints.

Could it be.... I dunno... kobold paws?

{cue ominous music}

Will the group go right in before the kobolds find out they have arrived..or will they find a place to camp one more night so they heal up and prepare to assault the caverns in the morning? What sort of plan might they come up with, and will that crazy elf berserker remember to forget the plan later?

Watch, wait, and we all shall see!

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Chgowiz said...

Yea, I wondered about that myself, the big FF, but that's OK - we'll dither right IN FRONT OF THE CAVE. o.O Maybe we'll push the elf in and see what comes out?

Today's NPC name: Lutro