Thursday, January 08, 2009

GameBlog - Tomb of the Iron God

After a short holiday lull in game posting, things are finally starting to move along. The characters and NPCs have left the city of Augustina and are moving along the east road toward the mountains where there is alleged to be a cave and ultimately the hidden treasure.


Here's the part where I put in a sort of Gilligan's Island summary of each character for those just tuning in. .... er... just sit right back and you'll hear a tale..a tale of a fateful trip?

Amarixes - a slight man with prematurely vanishing hair who has a fondness for coin tricks but likely has more up his sleeves than just slight-of-hand. He seems to be a nervous or shy person.

Dukkor - raven-haired man from the north who carries a sword in one hand, a tankard in the other, and seems quite confident in his skills with both. He also speaks a bit like Jack Sparrow.

Turleus Ba'dor - tall wiry man in dusty black desert garb carrying a crossbow.

Gwynned - Elf magician..or is he a fighter..or is he a magician? He has brown hair, blue eyes, a bag, a bow, an axe, and an eye for the ladies. He also has an alter-ego called Valley..who is a fighter. Confused yet? Don't worry, there's time yet.

Drake - brawny tattoed wall of a man with braided beard. He carries a wooden flagon and chews on a pipe. He was once a sailor.

"Big Bart" Hammerstein - balding man with grey unkempt hair and full beart, somewhat unfit physique, tatty robes, and a serious fondness for strong drink, even for a priest. He carries a very large ironshod club.

Ibhram - the group's Yarab guide and friendly helpful NPC


So, our group of adventurers along with a map, a guide, and an ass (donkey, that is) are moving into what a fair sprinkling of in-game foreboding indicates to be bandit-country. It is morning. The dirt road leads them away from the port city of Augustina and past farms and ploughed fields, small hamlets and orchards, and the occasional westward bound pedestrian.

What random encounters lie beyond yon hill or homestead? You'll have to wait and see.

And now.. I present my first game aide. Here is a map using the tutorials I mentioned in my last post. Mind you the hex grid kind of takes away from the Middle-Ages cartography look, but sometimes function overrides form. The hexes are 3 miles each (whether that's edge to edge or corner to corner I have no clue).

Image Hosted by

Mind you this map took a bit of trial and error..and I still am not wild about how the mountains turned out..but Chgowiz pointed me toward a forum specifically for mapmakers and I hope to learn a thing or two there also.

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