Friday, February 20, 2009

Announcing my new blog

As those of you who have been following the Ubiquitous Orcs know, my husband Garish (aka Steve) and I have been running a regular Sunday event I call "Paint & Play" down at our local hobby store.

The success of our little venture has gone far past what I was expecting, and I decided it was time we made an official online group bulletin board with an events calendar, announcements and such. A brief flirtatious trial-run on a popular social networking site proved to be rather lacking in versatility and more than a bit of a hassle to update, and then it dawned on me... USE BLOGGER! DUH! Sunday Paint & Play club now has a home here.... or HERE, actually. It's got a calendar, a list of good gamer resources including some of our favourite retro-clone folks, and eventually I'll be putting up photos and highlights of the events there.

As for what's in the future for the P&P club (not to be confused with a pimento and pickle loaf sandwich), we have a painting contest underway and more planned. We are looking ahead to introducing our players to outdoor adventuring and the fundamentals of character roleplaying, and hopefully someday to see Swords & Wizardry and/or some of the other Oe retro-clone products in distributorship at our local game store.

If any of you out there in the bloggersphere decide you'd like to contribute a new original article or post from your own archives that is appropriate for beginner gamers or painters, I'm more than happy to make it possible. Just send me an email spikepage (at) gmail (dot) com


trollsmyth said...


I think most of what I write is probably a touch advanced for beginning gamers, but if I ever post anything, or have posted anything, over at Trollsmyth that would be useful to you or yours, I hearby give you carte blanche to reproduce it, in part or whole, at "Paint & Play Club". I'll go through tonight to see if anything jumps out at me. Oh, and I wouldn't mind a linkback to the original article. :)

Best of luck with your wonderful club,

Spike Page said... ARE the man!


Samuel Van Der Wall said...

Very cool. My group and I are very into this topic. I hope you guys have a bunch of pictures. We really are trying to draw ideas for our games from what other people have done. Looking forward to the new blog.