Tuesday, February 03, 2009

GeekEnd: Day 2 and 3 -- change of plans

Well, things didn't go quite as planned. My GeekEnd was interrupted by a rather sudden and vicious 24-hour flu of some sort, and so much of last night and this morning was spent with fever and some serious head and muscle aches. Suffice to say, we had to cancel game-nite until tomorrow.

But I still found a way to get my geek-on.

Yeserday was spent doing HirstArts projects..mainly this cavern.

The green stuff is just posterboard, and will eventually be replaced with a cavernous-looking stone floor. There are also lots more pieces still on the drying-table or awaiting paint. The finished product will be something like this

{Gorn the Crusher and one of the ubiquitous orcs discussing quantum physics}

Then I spent the later part of today (having waked up at 1pm) noodling around with DungeonCrafter 1.4.1 and, while not accomplishing much, having a lot of fun. Basically, the program lets you assemble tiles over a squared off matrix to form a rather nice-looking topdown view of a dungeon. The tiles include floors, walls, dungeon furnishings and even traps, and there are other sets of tiles available online with different "looks" so you can even make a cheesy blue dungeon like the kind that came in your Moldvay D&D box. Oh..and the download is gettable here.

Tomorrow, provided I do not collapse into a puddle of perspiration and medication at work, our game group will pick up where we left off in the Endless Tunnels of Enlandin. Until then, I think I will go have a hot cuppa Cure Disease...or maybe some tea instead.

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