Friday, February 06, 2009

GameBlog - Tomb Of The Iron God

When we last left off, the group had discovered the location of the kobolds' lair and were still deciding what to do next.

It seemed that Drake and Amaryxes both agreed it was a good idea to wait a bit, watch to see if the kobolds sent patrols out, and make plans based on what they could learn. Dukkor, it seems, would prefer to go right in and get down to business. Gwynned (Yes, the Mage is back) decides that his best personal plan is to have a glass of wine because...

"There are things I shouldn't do without the excuse of being drunk."

Turleus and the others begin moving supplies to a more discreet vantage point, and are scarcely settled in when the kobolds appear. There's thirteen, and two dogs. The kobolds are equipped (so it would appear) for hunting, and somehow totally missed the party's encampment just to the south of the cave mouth. sooner do the kobolds leave the vicinity of the cave than Drake heads right on in, motioning for the others to follow. Turleus and Big Bart go right in after him. Amaryxes is left to wonder just what happened to the watch-and-wait plan and is adamant that he's staying put. Dukkor appears to feel the same way, but with the group's best interest in mind, he trots ahead to let those who went ahead that there were others who did not share their reckless enthusiasm.

So, who's plan will prevail? Will Drake and company turn back, or will Amaryxes and Dukkor join them?

Will the cave be easier to take with less defending it, or is there a surprise waiting for our party of adventurers?

And how is it that a party of kobold hunters with dogs cannot find a large pack of hygenically-disadvantaged dungeoneers?

Updates weekly (at the very least)... same orc-time, same orc-channel.

...hmm.... has a nice familiar ring to it, don't it.

I wonder if I need an orc-phone, an orc-pole, and an orcmobile?

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