Monday, February 23, 2009

Blogspot REPLY issue..and a temporary fix

Many of you have likely experienced difficulties posting replies to other peoples' blogs today. The "Captcha" word verification image never finishes loading.

For those of you who have had an unusual lack of comments on your blogs, but who don't care to dig through the piles of postings on the Blogger Help forum, here's a work-around until the problem is fixed.

The problem only occurs on blogs that have their comments-form embedded below the post, so go to your Dashboard, click the Settings link next to the title of your blog, and then click the "Comments" tab at the top of the Settings page.

Where it says "Comments Form Placement", select either Full Page or Popup Window. I'm personally in favour of full page as some browsers dislike the popups and try to block them.

This is a much safer fix than disabling the Captcha altogether and letting in spammers.

Anyway...I hope to have been of service to somebody....and my sincerest apologies for straying off the usual role-playing and gaming topic.


Chgowiz said...

Thanks! I hadn't noticed one way or the other.

Funny, your captcha is "hexses" - tricksey hexses, yessss, pressssciousssss...

Christopher B said...

Thanks from me also! I hadn't noticed Captcha was DOA until you pointed it out...